Turmeric Body Bar


Our Turmeric Body Bar is a natural way of treating several skin problems and getting a flawless, glowing skin. It’s great for acne because turmeric acts as a natural anti-bacterial agent and helps provide Vitamin E to moisturize and revitalize your skin cells it further helps to battle acne and restore skin to its natural healthy glow!

Here are some of the benefits of using our Turmeric Body Bar:

  • Cleanses Gently Yet Deeply.
  • Gives Healthy And Nourished Skin.
  • Keeps The Skin Soft And Moisturized.
  • Prevents Premature Aging.
  • Keeps Skin Acne-Free.
  • Relieves Irritation And Inflammation.
  • Heals Skin Infections Quickly.
  • Maintains pH Balance Of The Skin.
  • Repairs Damaged Skin Faster.
  • Protects From Skin Cancer.
  • Boosts Healing.
  • Helps Treat Psoriasis.
  • Helps Treat Acne Scarring.
  • Preventing Or Treating Fine Lines & Wrinkles.
  • Improvements In Eczema Symptoms.
  • May Help Treat Scabies.
  • May Help Other Skin Conditions.
  • Works As A Blemish Eraser.
  • Contains Properties That Contribute To A Natural Glow.
  • Attracts and traps moisture, and will strengthen your skin structure while adding a shine to your complexion.
  • Works as a natural antiseptic and antimicrobial and will free unwanted dirt and dead skin cells, allowing you to rinse them away.
  • Has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will actively defend your skin against acne and future breakouts.
  • Contains large amounts of Vitamins B and C, as well as essential minerals like: calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, and selenium. All of which will help control surface oils and strengthen your skin’s foundation.
  • Can brighten skin within three weeks with results that last just as long.
  • This also has a revitalizing effect that has been shown to dramatically reduce stress. It has a refreshing quality that can ease or calm anxiety. The astringent properties help balance oil glands and minimize oil production.


**We recommend that you use this bar directly on skin. The oats help give it a natural exfoliation. Using this bar in a wash rag will only waste your soap (speaking from personal experience lol!)


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