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When you are trying to grow that epic beard, the one everyone looks at and admires, you have to take care of it. Thankfully, it doesn’t take very long to turn a beard from scraggly and crazy to manicured and handsome.

The most important part of taming the wild beard is to use the best beard oil on it.

There are a lot of beard oils on the market. But what are the ingredients? What are they made of?

Here are some common issues men might run into, and how the beard oil will help:

  • Itchiness – Beards might grow out very coarse, making their skin itchy. Oils will calm the itchy skin down.
  • Dandruff – Dry skin can flake off causing dandruff on your beard. The oils coat the skin and prevent flakes.
  • Skin Issues – Since the beard covers the skin, acne and other issues can happen underneath. Using an anti-fungal and antibacterial oil will cleanse the skin.
  • Beard Tangles – Longer beards can get tangles, just like hair. Using a beard oil with a comb will condition it and remove the knots.

This recipe uses specific essential oils to encourage hair growth. You’ll notice that these will stimulate the hair follicles and might even help your beard grow in thicker.

Plus the combination of carrier oils and essential oils will prevent beard hair from breaking or falling off. So not only will it create increased circulation on your skin to help your hair grow more, it will help the hair you already have in good condition.

How to use:

Use this organic oil by dabbing a little bit on your beard. You only need a few drops. Use your fingers to spread it on your facial hair.

It will condition your beard, so try to use this at night before you go to sleep.


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