Spa Jelly Facial Mask


Want to pamper yourself with some top of the line spa style self care from the comfort of your home? Here is a jelly mask that will leave you feeling like you just had a spa day with the girls! 🧖🏻‍♀️

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Spa Peel Off Jelly Mask

CHERRY: Purifies, Anti-inflammatory, Gives elasticity & hydrates, Anti-aging

ROSE: Anti-Inflammatory, Antiseptic, Soothing, Antioxidant

24K GOLD: Anti-aging & Antioxidant, Stimulates collagen & elastin

KIWI: Anti-aging and anti-oxidant, Hydration, Promotes regeneration, Collagen Boost

LAVENDER: Anti-inflammatory, Anti-septic, Analgesic, Activates circulation

SILVER: Decreases fine lines, Refines pores, Analgesic and anti-inflammatory, Relieves stress

HYALURONIC:Stimulates cellular regeneration, smoother skin, Fights fine lines & wrinkles, improves pigmentation

LAVANDER: Fights acne, Hydrating, avoids the formation of wrinkles, regenerative

How to use: 

Remove makeup and thoroughly clean face and neck

Preparation of the gel face mask

a) In a bowl, put the mask powder and water. Use the 4:3 Ratio

b) Mix gently with a spatula until the powder of the mask becomes gooey.

c) Adjust the amount of water to obtain the desired elasticity

Apply the rubber mask evenly to the face with a spatula.

**Move quickly because the gel will start to harden after a few minutes.

Wait 15-20 Minutes and gently peel mask from the bottom up.

Once applied absorption can be stimulated by cryo-stick massage or facial massager

Masks are not reusable. They are made in a single dose format, so even if it is wet, it is not to be used a second time. Discard it at the end of the session


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