Blackhead Vacuum Kit


Are you looking for a better way to naturally remove blackheads without any harmful effects to your skin? Well now you have it with the Blackhead Vacuum!

Say goodbye to unhealthy, clogged pores!

Stop using creams and ointments with strong chemicals that damage your skin and fail to get rid of acne. Use the Blackhead Remover Vacuum 2-3 times a week to clean out excess oil and dirt stuck in your pores and watch your acne disappear like never before!

Your face is one of the most delicate parts of your body, and we make sure that you can treat it properly with our three different suction levels and various vacuum head sizes that come with the blackhead vacume remover!

Untreated blackheads turn into whiteheads that could leave scars for life when extracted incorrectly. The blackhead vacuum remover will clean out your blackheads before they get worse and will also work to get rid of whiteheads properly so you never have to deal with acne scars again allowing you to walk around with confidence!

Warm Tips:

  • Please do not use it if your skin is broken and damaged.
  • Please move the device in one direction and do not use it in the same area more than 3s to prevent your skin from hurting.
  • Regularly replace the filter cotton core; it is conducive to the maintenance of equipment and personal hygiene.
  • Please open your pores with hot towel or facial steamer before use it and it’s necessary to use cold facial steamer or mask to close the pores when you finish.
  • Recommend to start with 1 strength level. 1 level is for sensitive dry skin or who has the small and a little blackhead; 2 suction level is for neutral skin; 3 level is for oily skin and for mixed skin and big blackhead.

Features & details

  • 5 Replaceable Suction Heads: Comes with 5 suction heads to solve different skin problems. The upgrade blackhead vacume remover multiple suction heads and levels to deep clean your skin. After over 1000 times testing, this blackhead vacuum can effectively remove stubborn blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin, grease and makeup residues, smooth wrinkles and firm skin after continuously using it for 2 – 5 weeks
  • 3 Adjustable Suction Levels: Blackhead vacuum remover uses vacuum absorption technique from level1 to level 3 suction force. Level 1 is for sensitive and dry skin, level 2 is for neutral skin, level 3 is for mixed and oily skin. You can easily adjust the most appropriate suction levels for your different skin areas
  • Safe and Effective: Our blackhead facial cleanser will make both men and women satisfied by being both safe for your skin and excelling at removing whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. The blackhead remover vacuum uses a powerful cleaning sucker to painlessly care for your face. This blackhead remover is more convenient and effective than using facial masks or acne wash. Feel the difference!
  • Portable & Long Standby Time: Conform to the principles of human body engineering and handhold design. This vacuum blackhead remover owns the wireless design. With USB charge cable, the one-time charge can support superior standby time. It can be charged through PC USB ports, power banks and mobile phone chargers without hassle. You can enjoy professional facial skin care while at home or traveling
  • Great for All Skin Types: Normal, rough, wrinkled, oily, dry, or sensitive, no matter what kind of skin you have you’ll benefit from the facial blackhead vacuum. 


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