Unicorn Birthday Cake


This birthday cake body scrub is the perfect sugar scrub recipe for children of all ages! It’s perfect if you are you are looking to give a special small human a special gift. I am sure they will truly enjoy this scrub with warm vanilla tones and the added exfoliation from the sprinkles that come with this body scrub. As an additional gift, each jar contains 1 surprise unicorn inside!


Let us begin with telling you the story of a Unicorn named Sprinkle.

Once upon a time there was a unicorn called Sprinkle, she lived in the enchanted woods where fairies and elves lived. The land wasn’t really anywhere, it was just a place where you could only dream and think off.

Sprinkle’s owner was a fairy and her name was Princess Rainbow Sparkle. Rainbow Sparkle lived in a big sparkly palace and gems surrounded her beautiful stables where Sprinkle lives.

There was lots of other unicorns with shimmering manes and tails, but Sprinkle was the only unicorn that did not sparkle like the others and this made her sad and feel like running away.

Every day Peach refused for her maids to muck out Sprinkle’s stables and Peach did it herself. But one day, Peach went to muck out the stable and Sparkle was not there. “Sprinkle has run away!” Peach said. Peach was so upset that she just had to jump onto another unicorn and ride into the enchanted woods and look for Sprinkle.

Meanwhile Sprinkle saw a beautiful sparkling tree. The tree had a message on the wide tree trunk and it said, ”You have one wish.”

As soon as Sprinkle was about to make a wish and the unicorn arrived. Peach took Sprinkle back to the palace and for the rest of that day Sprinkle was thinking about the magical tree and the wish.

The very next day Sprinkle just had to run out of the palace stables and visit the magical tree once more. She finally arrived and she wished to have wings and sparkle just like the other unicorns. A gust of wind blew and at last Sprinkle had beautiful pink and purple sparkly wings and she shimmered with gold sparkles and she felt so delighted with happiness.

She ran as fast as she could back to the palace where all the other unicorns admired her beautiful gold sparkles and pink and purple wings.

Sprinkle was never unhappy again and lived happily ever after in the enchanted woods with Princess Peach and all her friendly unicorns.

The End.

By Elise Turvey

Unicorn Birthday Cake Body Scrub Benefits are:

  • Improving skin moisture levels and protecting against skin irritation
  • Exfoliating treatment that leaves skin smooth, soft and supple
  • Unclogs pores and retains moisture
  • Creates softer skin
  • Heals dry itchy areas
  • Fights Eczema

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