Boss Man Beard Butter


Have you ever been snuggling up to your significant other only to get scratched up by their facial hair? Don’t you wish you could somehow make it softer? This is an all natural butter to help moisturize, condition and tame facial hair.  Using this butter will increase the health of the mustache & beard, decrease itchiness and heal damaged facial hair.


  • This facial hair butter is great for moisturizing and conditioning. Due to it’s conditioning properties, it will make the roots of facial hair healthier. It also makes the hair shinier and can improve the quality of the skin under the beard and mustache. This also helps with hair loss, promotes hair growth and strengthens hair.
  • This recipe is good for 4-6 months. Just make sure to wash your hands before sticking your fingers in the butter.
  • You can apply this anytime, but for the best results you should use after you shower. Make sure your beard is dry before you apply.
  • You won’t need to use much to nourish your beard. Start with applying a small amount and add as needed.

To apply:

Rub the butter between your hands and distribute it evenly all over your beard and any other facial hair. Make sure you don’t miss a spot!

once a month you should do a deep conditioning of your beard. when doing this apply more beard butter than usual and go to sleep. it’s that simple!

This makes an excellent gift for the important men in your life or even for a gift to a friend or coworker!


4oz, 8oz


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